The painter Jan Vanriet was born in Antwerp on 21 february 1948.

In 1972, after his studies at the Royal Academy of Antwerp, he first exhibited at De Zwarte Panter Gallery. Immediately afterwards a partnership was born with Jan Lens at his gallery, Lens Fine Art, which was to last for ten years. In this period he developed into an excellent aquarellist and a few books were published: maria lecina, death in venice, het teken van de hamster.

Vanriet is also a writer. Collections of poetry were published by Manteau and for Belgian radio (BRT) he wrote a series of poems entitled Staat van Beleg (State of Siege), set to music by Bob Porter. Het wrote articles for weekly magazines such as Vrij Nederland and for the Dutch monthly magazine Avenue he edited a literary contribution from Belgium.

He took part in the Menton Biennale and exhibited at Naviglio, Milan and Brusberg, Hannover. The Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels and the Kunstverein in Darmstad exhibited the Death in Venice series. The Museum of Fine Art in Antwerp purchased a few of his works. At this time he began working for the literary magazine Revolver and to this day still designs its covers.

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